Decorators Consignment shop is located just West of Princeton NJ
52 Railroad Place * Hopewell, NJ 08525 *  Off: (609) 466-4400

Store Hours: Friday - Sunday 12 Noon to 5:30 PM.  Closed Major Holidays

8,000 square feet   furniture accessories 

handmade oriental rugs fine art public welcome


























What We Are Not Taking

The Famous Decorating Roadkill List:
bulletColors: This is the most important thing and it applies to everything.  When a color is out of style no one will buy it.  Colors that are not selling now include: Avocado green, orange, brown, mauve, black, gray, burgundy, most pastels, white, cream and tan.
Insurance Issues:  Our insurance company will not allow us to take mattresses, sofa beds, infant's furniture or carseats, recliners, sectionals or rocking chairs.
bulletAshtrays: No one uses them anymore. It doesn't matter who made them. 
bulletCedar/Love Chests:  It is illegal today to sell a chest that does not have an inside release mechanism so that children do not suffocate in them.
bulletChairs:  Chairs must have a seat height of at least 19 inches.
bulletChina:  Because formal china is so inexpensive today, there is no used market for it.
bulletClocks: There are so many built-in clocks today (in TV's, microwaves, ovens, cell phones ) that they have stopped selling.
bulletComputer Desks: Because people have moved to laptops, computer desks are obsolete.
bulletCrystal: We only handle signed Waterford, Steuben and Baccarat crystal.
bulletEntertainment Centers - Because people have moved to flat screen TV's, there is no longer a market for them
bulletFabrics:  We don't take any.  No quilts, draperies, tableclothes, etc.
bulletFlowers: We don't accept any dried flower arrangements. Also, roses, tulips, and white flowers are not popular now.
bulletFurniture: We have no market for brass beds; glass top tables; rocking chairs; 1950's colonial furniture; sofa beds; sectionals; triple dressers; Italian Provincial; French Provincial; Pickled Wood; most Queen Anne furniture; Teak furniture (except outdoor); oak furniture (except Mission); Bennington pine, Laquer (except antique); Mica, Victorian, Formica, Jacobean, Chrome (except 1950's) or 1960's and early 70's pecan .
bulletGlass:  There is no market for used everyday glass.  Give it to a charity.  We also have no market for milk, cut, pressed, carnival glass or punch bowls.
bulletIvory: Because of the endangered species act, we do not handle it. 
Mothballs: Any item that smells of mothballs will be rejected.
bulletPewter: Pewter has a very high lead content and is a source of lead poisoning.  People with children or grandchildren will not purchase it.
bulletPillows:  People today are concerned about germs. We only have a market for pillows with zippers, so that people can have them dry cleaned.
bulletSilver Plate: There is no market for tea sets, vegetable bowls or flatware. We DO have a customers for heavy silver plate trays and sterling silver.
bulletSofa:  Because sofas are so inexpensive to purchase new today, we no longer handle any of them
bulletToys: We only have a market for OLD collectable stuffed animals
bulletWeapons: Today people do not want violent items in their homes. Swords, hunting scenes and battle pictures do not have a market in this area. And, bull fighting scenes or violence toward animals.
























52 Railroad Place * Hopewell, NJ 08525  *  Off: (609) 466-4400

Decorators Consignment Shop is just West of Princeton NJ visit us today!

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